Long Views – Short Events

“Long Views – Short Events” is a project I began somewhat accidentally in 1982 with a photograph of Dean Gunnarson effecting a straitjacket escape while suspended from the Winnipeg Free Press Building. For the series, I worked with a photographic relic from another time, a Crown Graphic 4×5 Press camera and, in a classic case of the tool shaping the user, began to photograph events from the  distanced perspective of an earlier era. The project culminated in 1989 with my attempt to photograph an event a day through July and August. While the photographs are not in the style of earlier photojournalism, nor the events exceptionally newsworthy, I hope they step away and visually answer the journalists questions; Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? However, I am providing captions for further clarity. Watch the slide show immediately below or scroll through to read the captions. Please feel to add comments or recommend to a friend.


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Dean Gunnarson recreates Houdini’s escape from a straight jacket on the anniversary of Houdini’s death, Winnipeg Free Press building, Carleton Street, Winnipeg MB October 31, 1982. On February 21st, 1923, Houdini had spent two minutes extricating himself from a strait jacket while suspended from the Winnipeg Free Press Building.


Chinese dance group performing at street market and celebration, King Street and Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg MB 1982


Swan Valley Regional School Band performing at half time during an exhibition game between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the B.C. Lions, Winnipeg Stadium, Winnipeg MB 1985


Girl Guides 75th Anniversary celebrations, Manitoba Legislative grounds, Winnipeg MB 1985


Cobblestone Classic races, Old Market Square, junction of Albert Street and Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg MB c.1987


Marshaling area for bicycle parade during Family Fun Days at the Archwood Community Club, Archibald Street, Winnipeg MB June 10, 1989


Fringe Festival Free Stage, Old Market Square, Winnipeg MB July 20, 1989


Marshaling area for the Caripeg Carnival Parade, Aladdin’s Dream crew, Winnipeg Stadium, Winnipeg MB August 12 1989


Intermission during Ghana Dance Ensemble performance at the Playhouse Theatre, Market Avenue, Winnipeg MB August 2, 1989


Peace March and celebration, Manitoba Legislative grounds, Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg MB c.1985


Annick, Sarah and Christian, Sarah’s birthday party, Winnipeg MB July 31, 1989


Crossing Bannatyne, Street Performers Festival, King Street and Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg MB July 27, 1989


Manitoba Archaeological Society dig at the Forks National Historic Park, Winnipeg MB August 10, 1989


Visitors to Owl enclosure at Assinboine Park Zoo, Winnipeg MB  1981


Winnipeg Children’s Festival, Kildonan Park, Winnipeg MB June 1, 1985


Opening of Window Park with Mayor Bill Norrie at the podium, Carlton Street and Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB 1985.


Sophie the elephant gives rides at Assiniboine Park Zoo , Winnipeg MB c.1988


Group protesting Via Rail cuts en route to Ottawa; organized by the Women’s Coalition, CN Station, Main Street Winnipeg MB June 9, 1989


Memorial service and dedication of stone for William S.A. Beal, Fairdale Cemetary, Swan River MB June 19, 1989


Winnipeg Art Gallery Street Festival performance, Memorial Boulevard, Winnipeg MB June 25,1989


Pipe and Drum competion at Assiniboia Downs race track, Winnipeg MB July 2, 1989


Fishing near the Locks, Lockport MB July 3, 1989


Lunch break on Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg MB July 4, 1989


Yoli and Blair with Alexander (2 days) on his first day home from the hospital, Winnipeg MB July 5, 1989


The beginning of rush hour between the Main Street and Norwood bridges,  Winnipeg MB July 6, 1989


Baseball game between the St. Boniface Natives and Transcona, Provencher Boulevard, Winnipeg MB July 6, 1989


Lighting a torch for the Diabetes Foundation, Memorial Boulevard, Winnipeg MB July 7, 1989


Parking lot at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Bird’s Hill Park, MB July 9, 1989


Shakespeare in the park production of The Tempest, Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg MB July 10, 1989


Third Annual lunch hour entertainment organized by the Chinatown Develoment Group, King Street, Winnipeg MB July 12, 1989


Back yard barbecue at Brock and Kims to celebrate the new deck, Winnipeg MB July 24, 1989


A Taste of Winnipeg Festival, Memorial Park, Winnipeg MB July 15, 1989


Charles, Lorraine and Sushi taking the twins; Francine and Lili for a cycle, Winnipeg MB July 18, 1989


Tools For Peace march celebrating 10 years of government by Sandinistas in Nicaragua, Vimy Ridge Park, Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB July 19, 1989


Black O Rama Festival, Memorial Park, Winnipeg MB July 22, 1989


Street performers and crowds in line for Fringe Festival venue, Warehouse Theatre, Lily Street, Winnipeg MB July 23, 1989


T-Shirts Carnival Expressions band road testing the Queen’s costume in preparation for Caripeg Festival, Warsaw Avenue, Winnipeg July 23, 1989


Opening of the Forks National Historic Park, The Forks, Winnipeg MB July 26, 1989


Northwest Fun Fair, Old Eshibition grounds, Sinclair Street and Dufferin Avenue, Winnipeg MB July 29, 1989


Coffee with Michael and Brock, Old Market Cafe,  Albert Street, Winnipeg MB August 1, 1989


Marshaling area for Folklorama parade, Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB August 3, 1989


Setting up the Pinata at the Wasny (Wazny) family reunion, Camp Manitou. Headingly MB August 6, 1989


Wasny (Wazny) family reunion, Camp Manitou. Headingly MB August 6, 1989


Crowd at Islendingadagurin Icelandic Festival, Gimli MB August 7, 1989


Construction site between Albert Street and Main Street, Winnipeg MB August 8, 1989


Lunar eclipse, Winnipeg MB August 16, 1989


Film crew on the set of Small Victory, Winnipeg Film Group production, Winnipeg MB August 19, 1989


Media interviewing Mayor Bill Norrie at opening of river side park at Provencher Boulevard and Tache Avenue, Winnipeg MB August 23, 1989


Bob and Janet’s wedding, Winnipeg MB September 30, 1989


Morris family gathering, Winnipeg MB 1989


Buffet at Morris family gathering, Winnipeg MB 1989


Dusk, Winnipeg MB 1989

6 thoughts on “Long Views – Short Events

  1. So many great photos. One of my favourites is the (stilted) street performers crossing the road, the one with Sushi the dog, and the Morris family buffet. The stories. And it’s always so interesting to see your city as it was… The Forks under construction, and what Old Market Square used to look like, and more. Thanks Rob.

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  2. So that’s where all the people were! The humans so conspicuously absent from “Winnipeg Views” are packed into “Long Views—Short Events.” It’s like a different city—so much variety and texture and life. Thanks for taking and sharing these, they are a real treat.

    Liked by 1 person

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