Robert barrow

I was born in 1951 and grew up on a farm in the Parklands region of Manitoba, Canada. Modestly successful in my early schooling, I worked at a variety of jobs; farm labourer, sawmill worker, town worker and skating rink manager. Yes, I drove a Zamboni. 

While between jobs, UI (unemployment insurance) offered the opportunity to attend Red River Community College where I completed a Photographic Technicians course.

Following college, I was first employed by the Provincial government and in that position did work for the Provincial Archives.  At the University of Winnipeg, my next job, I worked as a photographer for the Western Canada Pictorial Index. The WCPI was an historic project and my work primarily in cataloguing historic photographs. At my suggestion, I began to photograph contemporary events and locales to be included in the Index. In 1980 I began work at the Manitoba Museum where I remained for 23 years, first as a technician and then a photographer. I continued to photograph contemporary society but as a free agent. In addition to the jobs mentioned above, I worked as a freelance photographer.

I have had several solo exhibitions of my work and have participated in many group exhibitions. I co-authored and self published a history of William S.A. Beal for which, with my co-author Leigh Hambly, I received a Prix Manitoba Award. My photographs are represented in the collections of the National Archives, Manitoba Museum, University of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Featured Image: Detail from “Informing the Bees of the Keeper’s Death” 2015 Robert Barrow

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