Bus Depot Mall 1977 -1979

The photographs in this series were taken c. 1977 – 1979 at the Bus Depot Mall on Portage Avenue and Balmoral Street, Winnipeg MB. At the time I worked close by and passed through the mall frequently. There were two bus lines operating out of the facility; Grey Goose and Greyhound. Grey Goose serviced all of the smaller communities and Greyhound ran between major centres.  Watch the slide show below and/or scroll through the images to read the captions. Please leave a comment or share a link with a friend.


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01 Bus Depot 28

Bank of pay phones, Bus Depot Mall

02 Bus Depot 10

Riders in boarding area, Bus Depot Mall

03 Bus Depot 43

Balmoral Street, Bus Depot Mall

04 Bus Depot 04

Seating area and Grey Goose ticket counter, Bus Depot Mall

05 Bus Depot 12

The man on the right is standing in front of a machine that printed medallions and the arcade piece next to it is a Pong game, Bus Depot Mall

06 Bus Depot 35

Balmoral Street, Bus Depot Mall

07 Bus Depot 16

Boarding and loading area, Bus Depot Mall

08 Bus Depot 19

Loading luggage and parcels, Bus Depot Mall

09 Bus Depot 09

Seating area, lockers and Greyhound ticket counter, Bus Depot Mall

10 Bus Depot 36

Rear window of bus and Mall tower reflection, Bus Depot Mall

11 Bus Depot 02

Seating area, Bus Depot Mall

12 Bus Depot 18

Sometimes friends come to see you safely out of town, Bus Depot Mall

13 Bus Depot 33

Seating area, lockers and bus schedules, Bus Depot Mall

14 Bus Depot 31

Bank of pay phones, Bus Depot Mall

15 Bus Depot 17

Greyhound ticket counter, Bus Depot Mall

16 Bus Depot 34

Grey Goose bus, Bus Depot Mall

17 Bus Depot 21

Medallion machine, Pong game and Photo booth, Bus Depot Mall

18 Bus Depot 23

Seating area and Greyhound ticket counter, Bus Depot Mall

19 Bus Depot 40

Seating area, Bus Depot Mall

20 Bus Depot 07

Mall entrance, Bus Depot Mall

21 Bus Depot 05

Grey Goose ticket counter, Bus Depot Mall

22 Bus Depot 20

Weight machine and storage lockers, Bus Depot Mall

23Bus Depot 30

Snack Bar and Grey Goose ticket counter, Bus Depot Mall

24 Bus Depot 01

Passengers waiting to board, Bus Depot Mall

25 Bus Depot 26

Grey Goose ticket counter, Bus Depot Mall

26 Bus Depot 25

Grey Goose ticket counter, Bus Depot Mall

27 Bus Depot 03

Seating area and Snack Bar, Bus Depot Mall

28 Bus Depot 41

Bus drivers, Bus Depot Mall

29 Bus Depot 08

Boarding and loading area, Bus Depot Mall

30 Bus Depot 14

Unloading luggage, Bus Depot Mall

8 thoughts on “Bus Depot Mall 1977 -1979

  1. What a delightful blast from the past. It is wonderful that you thought to preserve these everyday situations of people coming and going about their everyday lives or maybe going on a special trip! You have captured the ordinary with great perspective and an eye for interesting detail! Love the uniformed drivers. Really enjoyable.

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  2. What a moment in time you have captured! I love the people photos – the faces, the stances, the clothes, the hair – because really that’s what places like bus depots, airports, etc. are for, people watching. Thanks for sharing, Rob.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I passed through the old bus depot many times during my 4 years as a student at U of W. I guess bus depots will become a thing of the past given the demise of Greyhound.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A nice stroll down Memory Lane. Of course I couldn’t help notice the fashion of the time – made me smile. You tell a good story my friend as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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